Unit Symbol Alt Codes, HTML Code (Copy and Paste)

Here is the list of alt codes for units of measurements. You can copy and paste unit symbols in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or use alt codes. Just click on a symbol to copy. If you want to use the unit symbols in html documents use html codes

List of alt codes for unit symbols

Symbol Description Alt Code HTML Code
Milligrams Symbol 13198 ㎎
Kilogram Symbol 13199 ㎏
Millimeter Symbol 13212 ㎜
Centimeter Symbol 13213 ㎝
Kilometer small Symbol 13214 ㎞
Meter Squared Symbol 13217 ㎡
Cubic Centimeter Squared Symbol 13252 ㏄
Kilometer Capital Symbol 13262 ㏎
Square Mil 13269 ㏕