Delta Symbol Alt Codes, HTML Code (Copy and Paste)

Here is the list of alt codes for delta symbols. You can copy and paste delta symbol in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or use alt codes. If you want to use the delta sign symbol in HTML documents use HTML code

List of alt codes for delta signs

Symbol Description Alt Code HTML Code
ƍ Latin Small Letter Turned Delta 397 ƍ
Δ Greek Capital Letter Delta 916 Δ
δ Greek Small Letter Delta 948 δ
Modifier Letter Small Delta 7519 ᵟ
Latin Small Letter Delta 7839 ẟ
Delta Equal To 8796 ≜
𝚫 Mathematical Bold Capital Delta 120491 𝚫
𝛅 Mathematical Bold Small Delta 120517 𝛅
𝛥 Mathematical Italic Capital Delta 120549 𝛥
𝛿 Mathematical Italic Small Delta 120575 𝛿
𝜟 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Delta 120607 𝜟
𝜹 Mathematical Bold Italic Small Delta 120633 𝜹
𝝙 Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Delta 120665 𝝙
𝝳 Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Delta 120691 𝝳
𝞓 Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Delta 120723 𝞓
𝞭 Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Delta 120749 𝞭

How to insert delta symbol using the alt key?

These are steps to insert the delta sign in MS Word.

  1. Make sure your numeric keypad is active on the keyboard.
  2. Place the mouse cursor where you want to insert the symbol.
  3. Press the Alt key and type specified number from the above list. For example type 397 on the numeric keypad.
  4. Release both the keys and the delta sign will show up.

If you are not familiar with ALT codes and want to know more about it, please read the article about How to Use ALT Codes to insert symbols.